Religious Education for Children and Families

Parents, as you know, times are changing and every aspect of what we use to call “normal” is no more.  This year the Religious Education Program will run a little different.  Parents you will be given the opportunity to provide the culture in which faith is lived out in daily life.  The Catechism of the Catholic Church reminds us that the Christian family is the domestic Church- the Church of the home.  “Do not be afraid!”  Here at SMM we will provide 2 options for you to choose from, if you wish for your child to be in the Religious Education Program.  They are:

Option 1- Pre-recorded video– your child will watch a video from St. Mary Magdalen’s YouTube page.  There is a teaching and then you will do the assigned pages with your child.  All material will be provided for $20 per child.  A catechist will call you a couple of days after the recording to verify that you and your family watched and to take attendance and ask questions.

Option 2- For those who do not have access to St. Mary Magdalen’s YouTube page.  Home Religious Education packet- you will be given a packet ($20 per child) for the semester with all the materials.  You will do the sessions with your child.  I or a catechist will call you periodically to ask about the sessions.  You will be given an activity log for attendance, this will be turned in to the office at the end of each semester.

There is no registration fee, only a materials fee.  Feel free to call the Religious Education office for any questions or concerns at (210) 735-5284 during office hours.  Tuesday to Thursday from 9 am- 4 pm.  Closed from 12 pm- 12:30 pm for lunch.