About St. Mary Magdalen Church

St. Mary Magdalen Catholic Church is a spirit-filled community serving the Archdiocese of San Antonio. The parish is served by priests from the Brothers of The Beloved Disciple, a “private association of the faithful” whose goal is “to bring the full role of the Holy Spirit to the heart of the Church.”

Parish History

St. Mary Magdalen Parish started in 1940 in response to the growing City of San Antonio. In 1942 the school was built, in 1960 the church was built, and in 1990 Jubilee Hall and Gym were built. Hundreds before us made huge sacrifices to build all that we have and use today at our parish and we know that God is with us! In 2000, the Brothers of the Beloved Disciple moved in with Fr. Bob Hogan and later Fr. Joseph Mary Marshall as our pastors. With their guidance, for the past 18 years, we have resurfaced our parking lot, stabilized our gym, purchased two houses on Alametos, renovated our church with a new roof, air condition units, bathrooms, drainage, entrances, and much more. We did it, and with God’s grace and your willingness, we can continue to make space for God’s Kingdom at St. Mary Magdalen Parish.